We're Live! | b. products We're Live! | b. products

We're Live!

By Siddhartha Oza

We're Live! | b. products We're Live! | b. products

We came to this company with a simple mission - to help each individual be the best they can possibly be. As we looked around at our colleagues, peers, friends, and family, and looked inward at ourselves, we recognised that so many of us face challenges with no healthy and natural solutions. From insomnia to anxiety, inflammatory bowel disease to muscle pain, we each carry our own burdens, often unseen by others. We created b. products to address those challenges, alleviate your burdens, and enable you to be your best self, and are so excited to be launching today. 

Our first product, b. dreamy, addresses the need we all face to wake up each day feeling refreshed and recovered. Blue light from our device screens, anxiety about Brexit, and long work hours contribute to limited sleep and poor sleep when we get it. Take a few drops of b. dreamy 30-45 minutes before bedtime so that you can wake up the next morning ready to take on the day. And if you don't love it the way we do, let us know and we'll get you a refund backed by our iron-clad guarantee. 

The CBD industry is evolving, as is the science that backs it. We stand for science and transparency and to that extent, will tell you exactly what's in each bottle. All our products are tested by third parties and we'll share Certificates of Analysis with every purchase so that you know that what you're taking is free from any nasty stuff like pesticides. Our testing also ensures that there's no THC in your product - we stand for health, not high.

We hope you love our products as much as we do. And we hope b. products helps you be the best version of you. 


Mel & Siddhartha